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What weight is healthy?

I have not written anything since starting my 45 day challenge because I started and then got really sick so I had to postpone my challenge, all I could get down, when I could was soup! I also started my wonderful monthly womanly I could of made raw soup or smoothies but I had no energy to so I just decided to postpone it!

So, here we go again! Funny, but sometimes you have to start over and over again until you are really ready to change! Its funny so my goal is to have my physical symptoms to improve and hopefully with that I will become leaner and healthier, so my ideal goal weight was to be 130 or 125 at the least! Well, this morning I came across a BMR calculator that calculated that my ‘ideal body weight’ with my height, weight and exercise level should be 120!!!! That’s crazy, I think if I was 120 I would look sick!! The lowest I have ever been is 123 and that looked pretty crazy to me! Maybe its because it doesn’t take into account any muscle mass or maybe its a different look when you actually get the nutrients and whole foods that your body can actual use and be efficient with?? Soo I am going to really concentrate on making green smoothies mostly and then maybe having 1 cooked meal with just veggies! See how that goes! I am super excited to see what my body looks like!


45 DAY CHALLENGE – Mind Over Matter

So its been awhile since I have written on here, I finished my 30 day raw challenge, it went really well but then summer came, camping/family/friends etc all happened and I have gone off the ‘raw’, I did stick to a vegan/vegetarian diet but recently have noticed some of my symptoms coming back:(

Not very happy about that! So, Ive decided to try a 45day challenge and hopefully by that time it will become a habit for me (like they say it only takes 30days to make a habit!) I want this to be part of my lifestyle, like every lifestyle change it takes a lot of work until its part of your life!

My goals this time are a bit different! I have always worked with someone to get my fitness level to a point where I felt very fit and as well worked with a nutritionist to meet my fitness levels.  I want to do this on my own! I believe I have enough experience to train myself and to there are soo many resources on line to help with the raw food transition so I have to get over the idea that I cant do this on my own! I need to win the power over my mind! I think for now that’s going to be my only goal.. make it simple (somewhat) attainable!  I truly believe that the rest of my goals will just fall into place!

I am going to try to add more pictures this time! I know for me pictures do alot more to my senses then just words do:)

Success builds character, failure reveals it

Dave Checkett

Day 30- Paying It Forward

So I have finished my 30 day Raw Challenge and I have to say I feel fantastic! I am way more aware of what happens to my body if I take in any kind of toxin or food that doesn’t digest properly! Recaping about what I wanted my goals to be I have accomplished :

1) Sleeping Better (unless I have alcohol, sugar or caffeine!)- I actually have slept through the nights and wake up rested

2) My anxiety is at an all time low! This was a big one for me, now I know when I’m about to feel anxious and I can control it a lot more then before!

3) My skin is absolutely amazing! Its never felt so soft before!

4) My hair has grown back a bit thicker (it was really starting to thin)

5) NO PAIN IN MY ANKLE! haha.. I have jogged uphill, wore heels etc.. I’ve had minimal pain!

6) I have actually been way more consistent working out, whether in the gym or outside or even trying something new!

7) Weight Loss- I didn’t quite make my goal but I did lose 8lbs and after reading some new books I have an idea why I probably didn’t lose as much as I wanted.  But I am actually OK with that, I am learning to like where I am at now because I know I have the ability either gain or lose weight and really I only have about 7lbs more and that’s a bit harder to do!

So, I pretty much have accomplished alot of the issues that were physically make me sick! That just proves to me that eating this way is the most beneficial way I can fuel my body.  While I was doing this Challenge I read alot and watched alot of videos on You-Tube and at first I was kind of embarrassed because some of these people that go raw are very calm, spiritual, just ‘different’ people but after doing this I can say that I am way more calm, more spiritual and its like I want more people to know about this! So many people are sick, tired, obese etc.. Especially kids!! And instead of taking ‘miracle pills’ or medicine that you are stuck taking the rest of your lives and slowly killing our liver there is a cure.. Changing your diet!  Its the most simpliest way I have eaten EVER, and its cheaper then most medicine! I feel like I have to try and help people realize the potential of living the best life they can, while still here on this planet! And in doing that they would be saving the environment and saving animals!  I was once a very heavy animal meat and dairy person only because that’s what I was told would help me reach my ultimate ‘cosmetic’ body I wanted, with me doing little research, this time around I read tons and tons of books, I watched transformations and then I decided to do it myself and see proof that way! That’s how everyone should do it, teach yourself, read! And then try it, it only takes 10 days to feel a difference!

I am now a Low Fat Raw Vegan! The next chapter in my life is to Pay It Forward! If I can help someone change there life, maybe overcome sickness or to realize that they can live there best life, that is happiness for me!

Day 16- First Half done!

So today is Day 16 of my challenge.  Sunday and yesterday I cheated, sunday I had some wine and yesterday I had some cooked veggies, and Ill tell you I wont be doing that again anytime soon! Not untill I decide if Im continuing with all raw! I felt horrible yesterday and bit this morning.  My body did not like that! Which Im assuming is a good thing its telling me something! Last night and this morning it made me really think how I want to live!  I am off to LA tomorrow and I am a excited to get somewhere, where its hot! We’ll see how easy it is to do raw on vacation! I have also been reading the book “80/10/10” and thats been making me think as well, alot of thinking the past couple days.  So the first half of my challenge is done with a couple little cheats, overall its been a great experience, my goals all have been met execpt my weight goal, which is coming along, so we’ll see how second half of the challenge goes!

Day 10- Mind VS Body

So its Day 10 and I woke up all excited to weigh myself and I got on the scale and I am down only 1 lb! At first I was soo frustrated because the MIND kicks in and is going over all that I ate this past week and my training and it seemed really good so why then I go from losing 5 lbs in days and then 1 lb in a week?? But after a couple of minutes of letting my brain beat me up:) I then start to think how I feel, I let my body tell me how I feel and look.  So I think..

1)I wake up rested (I havent in probably 2-3 years)

2) I have energy ALL day long – I don’t even think of coffee or a pre-workout shake

3) I have consistently worked out for 2 weeks straight (sometimes 2 a days)

4) My attitude is changing-I actually want to clean the house, to go for that walk, to make myself presentable all the time (usually its jogging pants and a hoodie!)

5) Even though I am not that much lighter, I do feel lighter, maybe that’s just me tricking myself or maybe I actually do!

So, those 5 things are huge for me and so I need to find a way to keep myself motivated so these will turn into habits and last forever! I lived a certain way for soo many years so I need to constantly remind myself that this is not a ‘quick fix’ or a ‘diet‘.. this is a lifestyle change.  I have such a fight with my brain about what my body should look like (from competing) that I need to change the way I want to look or my relationship with my body now.  “The New Normal” is what I need to accept and embrace! Though..easier said than done!  At this point I am not sure if I will make my goal weight for LA which is disappointing but I’m still going so I need to figure out a way to be ok and comfortable with where I am at now! I will press on even though my mind says I should quit.  I am going with my BODY this time!

“Tough Times Dont Last..Tough People Do”… I have to believe this quote!

Day 7

Yay!  I made my first week!! Not without some challenges but I made it through! Day 6 I didn’t write about because there wasnt much to tell, I still had a headache, but that’s about it! Today I have been making some stuff for tomorrow and for my trip to LA in a week and a half! I’ll try to put pictures if I can find out how to add them! Thinking back on my week, I think my body really reacted good to having green smoothies and juices throughout the day.  And not so much fat.  So this week, I am going to try to have mostly fruit juices in the morning when I wake up and then have veggie/green smoothies throughout the day! If I feel that nag for something more solid I may have some flax crackers I found at Community Natural Foods! I tried to make some but it didn’t turn out so well so I’ll try again on the weekend and see! But my kale chips turned out great! I was nervous thinking I wouldnt be able to do this but I am making sur that I am prepared so that I am never caught without anything and I think that helps  soo much! Also, the equipment I bought, Food Processor, Juicer and Vitamix makes a HUGE difference! It makes me WANT to prepare stuff! And to be inventive myself! So, this week I have joined a boot camp for everyday except Fridays! And I’ll be going to the gym after work as well, this week my goal is to stick with the physical aspect now.  I think weekly goals are good to do, for me anyways! Hopefully that will make a difference in how much weight I lose as well! I am 13 lbs away from my end goal and 8 away from what I would like to be before I leave for LA and I have 25 days till the end of my 30 day raw challenge and 10 days away from LA!

Day 5- No Excuses

Day 5! I can’t believe it! I never thought I would make it through those 2 days of hell! But I did without medication and I feel absolutely fantastic! I was bummed last night because instead of only having green smoothies and juices, I decided to have a huge salad with homemade dressing and after that I was still a bit hungry so I had some chopped veggies with this homemade dip, but it was more fat than I wanted to take it! But when I got up this morning I weighted myself and I am down 5lbs! That made me excited! It maybe be water weight but it helps to keep me going:) I am going away May 16-18th to LA to visit my dad so this is going to be a challenge to stick with raw on the plane, when I get down there etc.   This weekend I am going to venture into making homemade veggie crackers and kale chips, I figure I can take them on the flight and then when I get there LA has a lot of raw restaurants and I can just go to the markets and get fresh fruits and veggies! I wont be able to have green smoothies but this is part of  ‘living’ the life of raw foods, no excuses!!

End of Day3

Well, today physically wasnt as bad as the last 2 days.  But mentally I really wanted something cooked! Plus I still have a headache and I wanted to take medicine soo bad but I know that this is part of the detox and if I put drugs in my body that defeats the purpose, so I read on whole food and teas that are good for headaches.  I know that tea is probably not raw but I had to have something to help with this headache so I think 1 glass of peppermint tea is ok!  I went for a light workout which helped my headache as well!  I did have more fat today then I would normally but I’ll just go back to juices and green smoothies tomorrow! Hopefully I am on the mend for my detox and I can start to enjoy the benefits!! I’m very proud of myself for not giving in!! Day 3 done!  I’m not really tracking my calories and food because that is one of my ‘issues’ I need to get over.  I was obsessive about tracking calories, fat, protein, carbs for 8 years and that made for a very bad relationship with food so this time (and as I read) you don’t need to count your calories, just be aware of not too much fat intake! Lets hope this works!!

Day 3 : 30 Raw Food Challenge

Well it is the morning of Day 3 and this is the first time I could write a new post! Day 1 was very hard, I was craving  a’lot of cooked food today at work, especially.  After work on Day 1 I came home and instantly my muscles started to get achy all over! Then I started getting cold sweats, nausea, almost to the point where I would feeling like fainting if I stood up! I felt very weak, I had a very dull headache, which is still here and my stomach hurt really bad! On Day 1 what I had to eat was, all liquid, I juiced 3 oranges and a mango for my morning and then made a green smoothie for throughout the day! It was really filling, I was never hungry!

Day 2 my body reactions were still there except the fainting part, my muscles were still very achy, my headache still there and my stomach still hurt really bad.  The hard thing was trying to figure out what I could take to relieve the pain but was still raw!  I never did take any medications (which was hard)! I had fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, some coconut water and I had more solid food today, 2 bananas and 5 dates. By the end of the day I started to get rid of the achy muscles and my stomach started to calm down a bit.

For today, Day 3, the dull headache is still there! My stomach, every once and awhile, still has a bit of pain, but I feel way better then I did the last couple days!! Today, I have a bit solid and some liquid, I made some beet juice with carrots, limes and beets.  I brought some zucchini, carrots and a orange to have at work.  For breakfast I had 5 dates and some coconut water.  I am going to try to hit the gym today after work as well, something light but just to get there! It was extremely hard to make it through that detox, I have done a few cleanses before and never had that reaction from them!! But I made it! So we will see how today finishes and the rest of the week!


30 Day Raw Challenge

11:04 am Apr 23 2012

So, part of my journey back to health includes transitioning from the regular SAD to Vegan/Raw.  For the past 6mths Ive been about 60-70% Vegan/Raw and Ive been wanting to do a 30 day 100% Raw challenge.  I’ve read a lot of pros and cons about the Raw diet and it seems like its pretty much up the person what works for them so I’ve finally decided to venture in and take the challenge! A huge reason why I am wanting to venture into this challenge is because, not dealing with a few years of stress has now caused extreme physical, mental and emtional issues.  In the past 3 mths I have been to my family doctor and a natural path and have upcoming ‘specialist’ appointments, I have done a lot of blood work and have no answers! All that comes back is that I’m stressed, lacking in B vitamins and may have an autoimmune concern but no definitive answers! Lets just say I am VERY frustrated!!! After reading the amazing results that people have gotten, from going Raw, I am hoping this will be the case for me!  Starting Monday, April 30th I will be blogging my experience. 

 I am not mentally ready to post pictures but I will take photos of before and after, just in case I will be ready at the end! My goals I hope I will see improved in 30 days are:

1) anxiety/depression lessens

2) my hair grows back (I have just a bit of hair loss)

3) my energy improves

4) my injuries improve- which makes my training stronger

4) my adrenal fatigue improves

4) lose weight

5) sleep improves

6) My motivation and determination come back to me

I have attempted to go Raw awhile back and it failed so I am very nervous, but I do believe I have more knowledge this time around and are more aware of the support and resources that are out there!  So here’s hoping I can fix myself without the need of doctors!




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